The Double "D" Gunshop

Route 2 Box 10

Cottageville, West Virginia 25239-9538

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Internet Special

Heritage Arms Manfacturing Inc.

Rough Rider

Caliber: .22LR and .22WMR

Capacity: 6 shots

Action: Single action Revolver

Safety: Rotating Hammer Block Safety

Grips: Goncalo Alves

Barrel Length: 4.75" , 6.5" , 9"

Weight: 34oz. (Average)

Finish: Blue

$110.00 plus WV Sales Tax. (<<< There is that Fine Print)

You must be 21 years old and meet federal and state requirements to own a firearm. The Double "D" Gunshop is not responceable for typos. Prices may change at any time.

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