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EMWV.com classified ads: Jackson, Roane, and Mason counties


1 - For Sale: Cars
Description: 1957 Ford Fairlane 4 door(road ready) new tires, all original.
$2,000 or best offer. Also a 1962 Ford Thunderbird 2 door needs body work &
paint, in running condition. $1500 or best offer.
Email: wandab@emwv.com
Date posted: 02/03/98
2 - For Sale: Fun things!
Description: Fun things

Palm Pal Beanie Babys
Happy Kids Beanie Babys
Indian Beanie Babys
Bear Bearnie Babys
Commodore 64 & 128 Games
F-19 Stealth Fighter and many more.
Only $5.00 each at Classic Castaways, 402 Egypt Ridge,Spencer,WV

304 927-2377or email me below to purchase by mail (postage additional)

Email: rnida@emwv.com
Date posted: 01/03/98
3 - For Sale: Several things
Description: Home and Hearth
Microwave, Tappan, old but still works $40.00
Micorwave, Samsung Little Chef same as new $50.00
For Sale: Crocheted rugs $10.00

304 927 2377or email me below to purchase by mail (postage additional)

Email: rnida@emwv.com
Date posted: 01/03/98
4 - General Merchandise

Opening soon! A small flea or a large garage sale
Collectibles, antiques, kitchen items, wall pockets, Weller, Watt, Griswald
Cast Iron, Wagner Cast Iron, McCoy, Depression, Palm Pal Beanie Babies,
Happy Kids Beanie Babies, alphabet blocks, colored blocks, stuffed animals,
Many piggy banks and other character banks; Shoneys Big Boy, Barney Ruble,
Dalmation Dog, Boxer Dog, Jim Bean Bottles(elephants, donkey, soldiers),
Head Vases, Lots of cartoon glasses, old peanut butter glasses with
flowers, old records, old comics and lots more and more to unload
Comics, many disney characters, marvel, and DC $10.00 each. Most are
comics that originally cost .10 or .12 cents. Christmas baskets and cups filled
with presents. Griswald and Wagner Cast Iron. Cast iron banks
mickey mouse bank, Flintstone, Shoney banks. Large animal chalk Lots of records and record jackets, etc.

Come see it all at Classic Castaways!

Egypt Ridge, Spencer
Phone: 927-2377 call for appointment, please
Email: rnida@emwv.com
Date posted: 01/03/98
5- Pretty little kitty!

Description: Four long-haired, (dark gray,) blue-eyed kittens need a lap to
sleep on or a pile of hay in the barn.

Phone: (304)895-3590 after 5 p.m.
Email: aliclick@emwv.com
Date posted: 02/03/98

6 - For the laundry room
Description: A Maytag dryer , still using, converting to gas dryer. Asking $150.00

Phone: 372-9786
Email: jerryh@emwv.com
Date posted: 02/03/98

7 - For Sale: Ski equipment
Description: Soloman high performance skis, Lenght 203, New driver suspension binders
"Quadrax". Made in France-Used one time. Purchase price $900.00, Asking price $375.00-
this includes Scott innovation poles.
Also: NORDICA SYNTECH 88 Boots-size 29.0 ( 10 1/2 -11 1/2) Used one time. Asking
price $170.00
Email: kprwood@emwv.com
Date posted: 02/03/98
8 - For Sale: Nordic Trac
Price: $300.00
Description: Nordic Trac Pro Ski Machine with full electronics! Paid $600.00 new

E-Mail angieh@emwv.com
Date posted: 02/07/98


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